RAM Sticks configuration FW16


Does anyone know if there is a specific preferred RAM config ?

Since there are two RAM slots on the FW16 how are the performances one DIMM vs two DIMMs ? (At same total memory capacity)

Thanks all !

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My understanding is that 2 x 8 will run faster than 1 x 16 as in uses more ‘lanes’ to pass data

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Real world performance increase with 2 memory sticks is 10% at best.

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Purchase as much as you feel like you need, but @amoun is correct as populating both slots allows for ‘Dual-Channel’ as opposed to ‘Single-Channel’. More importantly is to ensure that if purchasing RAM yourself to make an effort to keep speed and timing consistent. Mismatched RAM will cause the system to run both sticks at the slowest speed between the two sticks.