RAM Support

Does Framework i7, 12th gen support G. Skill Ripjaws V. I have a 2 X 64 GB RAM with 3600 MHz CL16 RAM. I mean 128GB in total with 3600 MHz?


Short answer, No



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No, that’s not a JEDEC standard speed. The Framework laptop doesn’t expose XMP profiles or any overclocking, so the highest standard speed is DDR4-3200 at something like CL22, IIRC.

As for 128 GB vs. 64 GB, probably not. That spec is set by Intel. There’s a chance it might work regardless, but I would not bet on it.


DDR4 3200 CL20 works fine. Not sure if there is anything faster on the CL side.

Had I found a CL19 or lower set I would have gone with it.