Ran through forum fixes on sleep battery drain with little to no change, help?

Hello, before I really had a chance to run the computer I knew that the battery life was not perfect on the 12th gen Intel frameworks, and I was ok with that, but I still wanted to do what I could to make it the best that the battery can be. I was certainly motivated by this laptop after being a bit burned by Apple and non-repairs. Now, on to the issue:

I first installed Windows 11, ran all of the updates and I am at version 21H2 on my 12th gen Framework. After that I used the laptop for a bit and then decided to change what I could to help the battery life. I first had heard and then saw in a Linus Tech Tips video the problems and then thankfully fixes with Windows Modern Standby, so I used the registry editor as prescribed and changed the sleep mode (I think! Please double check me) to s3 as you can see in this screenshot:

After that I went through this great guide in the forums

I went through the steps up past throttlestop and I was idling at 0.5-0.9 W on the package power which seems to be right on in terms of making it efficient. I have not done any of the hidden settings, my goal was to not have to go into those settings unless I absolutely had to do them.

Now, as a new Windows Laptop user, I have used a windows desktop for awhile now, but a mac laptop for over ten years I am hoping that this is not normal but I suppose it could be.

The battery life while using the laptop is not great, but it is what I expected and that is ok. The issue after all these changes, and I couldn’t find any other posts that seemed to have my issue after doing the prior fixes, is that the sleep/idle battery drain is really fast and quite frustrating. Last night it went from 40% at 6 PM to 20% at 10 PM and then died sometime after midnight, all while sitting with the lid closed and sleeping. It feels like if I tried to go somewhere right now with this laptop it would be close to dead when I got to my destination. Its burning a lot of battery just sitting there in sleep or with the lid closed.

Screenshot 2023-03-27 072018

This is a screenshot of notifications from the nice simple app battery percentage icon from the microsoft store that I got when I plugged the laptop back in this morning after it died. These all happened while it was closed and sleeping.

Have I done something wrong? Is something faulty? Any help is appreciated of course, thank you, its left me a bit frustrated.

Something I’m interested in, is that the app shouldn’t be running while the laptop is sleeping. It feels as though something is causing the laptop to not go to sleep correctly.

Sleep Study may be of help.

I’m looking at that now. I am not exactly familiar with reading it completely, I can make some sense of it, but I’d like to have more expertise read it, can I just share the file? I don’t want to share too much from my computer or something.