Strange battery drain issue on Windows 11. Anyone else have it?

During general light usage of my laptop, the battery seems to drain at nearly the same rate as the included charger can charge it. Is this expected drain, or should I investigate to see if something else is up? Attached is the battery information. Pay attention to the latest dip and the timeframe for it. I am not using any heavy 3d applications, only light Chrome tabs, Discord, and sometimes MRD. I have the lowest tier i5 board if that helps.

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I do not have the same issue, however I am having horrible battery drain, like 1% a minute.

At first I thought Windows 11 was running great on the Framework, but I started getting all kinds of problems, with the biggest one being that if I suspended or hibernated, my session was just gone when I resumed and it appeared as though I did a cold boot.

Back on Windows 10 and everything works. I’m good with that, and will give Windows 11 time to improve.

This looks a lot like Windows 11 BSoD: Bug Check 0x9F, since it’s a bugcheck on sleep and other power transitions that impacts any SST users on any version of Windows 11.