Random color shell mockups

If I ever am able to afford one of these awesome modular laptops, it would be near to do a metal paintjob on them… I made a simple edit of the colors I think would look the best on this laptop:


Really hope they have a logo-less shell.


It looks a lot like the KDE logo … without the K


Honestly, I think it is a much better solution, and more sustainable to use skins (dbrands, for example) to both protect the shell and turn it the color / texture you prefer. You would be able to cover up any labels as well.

I’ve used them on the Surface line for a while, and they are great at making the device all black, for example.

Now granted we’ll need a company to pickup the device and support it, but I think it is a relatively trivial thing for these companies to alter existing skins to fit the framework laptops dimensions.


I agree with you! It’ll be the likely route and I think also cost-effective too :slight_smile:

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Agreed that skins will be cheaper, but my point to something that doesn’t have a logo is that it should in fact be cheaper than a replacement WITH the framework logo. Just having it plain vanilla as an option is still my hope.

I wonder if you powder coat the shell & just add all the internals that will work without damaging the thermals?

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Although I wonder if Framework has thought of partnering with ColorWare Inc. ColorWare, could paint all kinds of devices, & if possible they could have shells for sale to users to convert the look of the laptop. Maybe even get a clean top with no logo or a logo that isn’t so large & in the middle.

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IIRC, there was a post from nrp saying how Framework has also be focused on cutting down the environmental impact via eliminating certain manufacturing processes from the chain, one of which was the colouring process of the Framework laptop.

I, for one, is absolutely loving that decision. Love how it looks and feels.

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I plan to DBrand the crap out of my Framework the second I get it. I’ll just use a bigger skin from another model and trim to fit the Framework top. Thinking about cutting out to let the Framework logo show through.

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dbrand skin is apparently coming soon according to their support team!