Random color shell mockups

If I ever am able to afford one of these awesome modular laptops, it would be near to do a metal paintjob on them… I made a simple edit of the colors I think would look the best on this laptop:


Really hope they have a logo-less shell.


It looks a lot like the KDE logo … without the K


Honestly, I think it is a much better solution, and more sustainable to use skins (dbrands, for example) to both protect the shell and turn it the color / texture you prefer. You would be able to cover up any labels as well.

I’ve used them on the Surface line for a while, and they are great at making the device all black, for example.

Now granted we’ll need a company to pickup the device and support it, but I think it is a relatively trivial thing for these companies to alter existing skins to fit the framework laptops dimensions.


I agree with you! It’ll be the likely route and I think also cost-effective too :slight_smile:

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Agreed that skins will be cheaper, but my point to something that doesn’t have a logo is that it should in fact be cheaper than a replacement WITH the framework logo. Just having it plain vanilla as an option is still my hope.