Random overheating

Hey all,

My laptop has been pretty good to me. Sometimes the screen randomly turns off for a few seconds and twice the first day i had it it blue screened, but nothing that serious. I was using laptop like usual, doing homework and I like to leave my tabs open, normally not an issue. Today was different, I come home from a club meeting my laptop is overheating beyond belief, no fans going, wont turn on. Had to hold the power button for a bit then it decided to turn on and run the fans to max. Great, but does anyone know what could’ve caused this? Its the first time its happened and its must more concerning than just the screen turning off. My laptop is from batch 5 so its pretty an new. I havent messed with any settings outside of windows darkmode.

What version of Windows are you on? This is a Windows sleep issue. What can happen with Windows and modern standby, is that it will enter sleep which is modern standby connected network, and then proceed to do maintenance work. Install updates, clean up things, phone home to Microsoft, etc. Why fans didn’t come on sounds just like a glitch in the driver.

I had to force S3 sleep and disable all wake timers to make sure Windows slept when I told it to. I mean I have hibernated, for example, and as soon as it powers down, it tries to wake up again. Screen never comes on, etc. Fans are on though.

Could be a driver issue, but I just use gpo policies to ensure it doesn’t wake ever for maintenance work by the system.

Several people have reported putting their FW in a sleep with it sleeping, only to come back and the laptop was on and overheating.

Windows 11 tries to do more with the maintenance during standby and hibernation modes.