Random Screen Blanking in Windows

Just got my 3rd batch laptop and it has been great so far, except for one nagging issue. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar…

I get random blips where the screen goes blank for about 1 second and then comes back on. There doesn’t seem to be any regular frequency for when this happens or specific activity I’m doing while it happens.

Windows 10 Pro, 20H2
Intel Iris Xe Graphics driver
I have removed and reinstalled the driver already.

I am not getting the same blips in Linux, only Windows.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

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I largely get this whenever I have a web browser open, especially on some YouTube videos. I think it’s an Intel graphics issue, as this also happened with my previous Intel laptop, a ThinkPad T470s.

Do you get this on your Framework also?

I suspect it is Intel graphics/driver related also, since the issue did not start until the Intel Graphics driver was installed. I get the screen blanking whether a browser is open or not. Interesting that you had this same issue on a T470; I had one of those also but didn’t have this same issue

I would like to test a bit further before knowing this is a 100% fix, but I think I have found a solution.

Inside the Intel Graphics Command Center application, that is installed as part of the graphics driver, is a setting called “Panel Self Refresh”; on by default. Turning that option off appears to have stopped the screen blanking. To find this setting, open the application, use the left navigation to select “System” (icon is 4 boxes; 4th option down) then select the “Power” tab across the top navigation.

I played around for a couple of hours yesterday with the setting turned off without a blip. To test, I reenabled the option and rebooted. Within 5 minutes I had the screen go blank. Turned the option back off and haven’t had another blip yet. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

I performed another test earlier where I changed the refresh rate in the same program from 60p to 48p. I was met with almost constant screen blanking, which is what led me to tinkering with the “Panel Self Refresh” option.

If you are having the same screen blanking issue on your Framework, try turning this option off to see if it helps and share your results.


Have you guys tried to install Frame.Work Beta bundle?
Have you guys tried to install Intel Drivers Update utility? It got new driver for XE, even newer than the one included in Frame.Work beta bundle.
P.S. Also, have you updated your BIOS?

I have installed the beta bundle, I believe that is where the current driver is from. I also have the Intel drivers utility installed but it doesn’t show a newer version available past (Release Date: 8/20/2021), which is what is currently installed.

Haven’t had a chance to do the BIOS update yet, maybe get around to that tonight. edit: but likely won’t until out of beta

Playing around in Windows a bit more this afternoon, my solution from above is looking likely to be the fix.

Just did that- let’s see if it fixes the problem. I’m glad this comes pre-installed with the Framework driver bundle because it was annoying having to also disable Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement under the Display category so my colors would stop acting weird lol

Please let me know if this solves the issue for you also. If so, then we can mark this as solved and hopefully help out others with this annoying little blip.

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to play with the FW the last couple days but it was looking good earlier this week.

I think that fixed it! Haven’t had any issues watching YouTube since

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I was having the same problem with Windows 11 21H2. I think disabling Panel Self Refresh has fixed it, I will update if I see otherwise.

Thanks Jonathan!

After upgrading to the 12th gen mainboard, I started experiencing this issue with my laptop as well (Windows 10). I’ve toggled the Panel Self Refresh setting and will report back with results.

Possible issue with having this happen tonight as well. Was playing with a module on that side but did not lose output feed as my monitor did not disconnect and lose connection. IE, the screen came back on within a few seconds and screen did not power down, it just came back.

So, I don’t think it was the output port on the laptop or the cable, although I did initially until doing some tests.

Glad to see this post, as I experienced a USB-A module issue tonight and was thinking that whole side was going.

W11, Edge browser was the only one up, and just updated Windows to (it shows) KB5017328. I think that is what is needed.