[RESPONDED] Screen goes black and pixel flickering - AMD 7640u Ubuntu

Framework 13 AMD 7640u
Ubuntu 22.04.3
Kernel version 6.1.0-1028-oem

Just got my laptop and installed Linux yesterday. Seems to be working great except I’m having display issues.

  • Once every few minutes or so, my screen will go black for a second or two, then comes back.
  • I get pixels flickering when I’m looking at something black on the screen. If I have a dark desktop background or when I look at a dark image, within the black I see pixels flickering to light colours. It’s not enough to be a big issue, but it it noticeable. This also happens when I start up the laptop and see the framework logo, but I haven’t noticed it in the BIOS menus, although they might just not be dark enough.

I had originally installed Linux Mint and had these weird display issues so I switched over to Ubuntu since it’s officially supported.

I followed the Ubuntu install guide - including the part about checking for kernel updates - but Ubuntu has the same problems. It’s possible I missed something important, but I believe it’s installed correctly.

If there’s something I’ve missed, please let me know. But I also understand that these AMD frameworks are a first-gen product and that some driver updates might still need to be developed.

Thank you!


I noticed that as I typed my post I hadn’t seen the screen go blank once. Then I posted it and read it over, and the screen turned black twice within a minute or so.

This makes me think it may have something to do with detecting inactivity, although I did disable anything that might dim or turn off my screen.

I saw a community post where someone had a similar issue on an Intel fw and Windows. They had to disable “Panel Self refresh” in the Intel Graphics Command Center.

This sounds related to me, but our setups are different since I’m on AMD and Ubuntu. I wonder if there is a similar setting for AMD graphics, but I don’t know where I’d find that.

Hi @Troy_H , welcome to the community.

From what you’re describing it feels like a defective screen, you may want to open a support ticket to get this addressed.


I agree with @Loell_Framework, based on testing two completely different distros and following the guide, this may be a bad screen or a connection to the screen that needs to be re-seated. Please contact support and please include this link to the thread here.

Thanks for your replies @Matt_Hartley and @Loell_Framework. I’ve contacted support. Thank you!


For anyone in the future, after much troubleshooting with FW support, I have received a free replacement mainboard and it is working perfectly.

Thanks Framework!