Rant. Frustrated and ready to punch a hole through my screen

Just need to rant.

So far I’ve had to replace:

  • Hinges since they didn’t support the screen after 45 degrees.
  • Mainboard since I had faulty memory slots.
  • Keyboard top cover. My fault, nothing on Framework for that one.

I received them all around the same time, so I replaced them in one go.

Hinges work great, instructions were easy too.

After months of mainboard debugging through Framework support, the replacement mainboard is SO annoying. Didn’t fit as snug as my old one, but the screws hold it down fine. Many, many driver issues. “No audio device detected” message keeps popping up every half second. Power Delivery on the top 2 USB-C ports are not working. Docking station issues (but those are common on all laptops).

The replacement cover is trash! The spacebar is crooked with a slight ‘U’ shape and various keys feel like mush (ESPECIALLY the spacebar). The trackpad is so misaligned that it CRUNCHES when clicking on the left side, driving me mad.

So now I have to trail and error the alignment of the trackpad while debugging drivers using mushy keyboard.

Really hope that replacement parts aren’t just refurbished trash.

Hi, none of those issues are normal or expected, so definitely please reach out to our Support team. We both want to make sure you have a working system and understand if bad modules shipped out.