Framework screen hinges ... just nope

Hi, the hinges on my Framework screen are pretty useless. I’ve contacted framework support 3 times now, the first time I was advised this was how they are supposed to be, and the other two times I got no reply.

A short video showing the hinges in action can be found here [framework laptop lid - Google Drive]

The laptop can’t be used without manually propping up the screen so clearly there is a manufacturing issue, does anyone have any suggestions for how to fix it ? Yes, I know I can buy & install replacement hinges, but that shouldn’t be necessary on a laptop only a few months old.



@RobF - Sent you a dm

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“the first time I was advised this was how they are supposed to be”

Lol… that’s definitely not how it’s supposed to be…

At least hinges are replaceable on the framework. My last laptop a “huawei matebook” had this same issue… I still have no idea where to begin in fixing it, or even how to order the right part.

@RobF - I saw your dm and replied to it. However, since you stated that you couldn’t find my dm anywhere, I did not want to risk prolonging this further so I am also replying to you here as well.

I checked on your ticket using the order number your provided and found that we replied to you both on March 29th and April 8th. It appears that you are not receiving our responses for some reason. I am unsure if our emails are getting blocked or filtered.

If you cannot find our messages in your spam or junk mail folder, may I ask that you provide me an alternate email address via dm? We need to ensure that we a have a reliable means of communicating with you from our support platform to ensure that we are able to provide the appropriate support for you.

Looking forward to your reply.


@Panda_bak emails related to community support are working just fine, I saw both this and the earlier one by @Charlie_Hoover, no problem. I suggest checking your support records, and using the same email for support messages. Cheers.

@RobF - I sent you an email from our support platform just now. It was sent to the same email that you used to place the order for your laptop. Please let me know if you received it. If you did, please reply to that email.


@RobF - I just wanted you to know that we got your response to the ticket. I replied within a few minutes asking for one last piece of information. At your convenience, please check your email for my response and reply. I know it’s late but I just want to make sure that we see this through to a final resolution.


This is the original poster here. @FrameworkSupport have sent a replacement pair of hinges under warranty. Overall this experience reaffirmed my decision to buy a Framework laptop - sure, issues happen but its how the company resolves them that matters. Being able to replace the hinges myself is the icing on the cake. Thanks!