Rattling noise near fans, FW16

My Framework 16 is emitting a sound near the fans. I cannot quite describe the sound, maybe its rattling. It is quite annoying.
As soon as the display turns off, it stops. When I turn it back on, it starts again.
I’ve recorded the sound, but I cannot attach .wav here: https://framework-share.s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/Audio+1_1.wav (you have to turn the volume up, sorry).

  • OS: Windows 11 Pro
  • Framework 16 Batch 16 w/ RX 7700S expansion

Any ideas? Is this a support case?

It sounds like the fan blade is impacting something. I would take the module out (dGPU or bank expansion bay, whatever you have in there) and see if there is anything that the fan could be hitting. I recall that there have been some threads where individuals did discover some of the plastic sticking out just enough to allow the fan to impact it. I believe that another individual found an extra piece that should have been removed when the expansion bay was processed. If I find the links I will add them here, but you may be able to find them by searching for fan noise.

Best of luck getting things resolved, and have a great day!

I think I’m also observing the same issue with my FW16 as well.
I don’t hear the noise with the fan module, but only with the GPU module.

Here’s a recording of the issue: (turn on sound all the way up as well)

A little more context to when and how I noticed this problem:

  • Windows 11
  • The laptop sits on a laptop arm with good airflow
  • The input module tray is usually populated with keyboard + LED matrix unless gaming
  • If gaming, I take off the keyboard and put a USB fan on the input module tray
  • The laptop has never been dropped nor bumped in any damaging way
  • The rattling noise is very noticeable when gaming or any high GPU intensive tasks

@Local, Do you have the fan module to compare with, and did you contact support about this issue yet?