Raw Components

Has there been any progress on the front for component tariffs? I’d love to get a framework shell, just to mess around with it and attempt to make a Frankenstein laptop before I need an actual upgrade. The whole idea of tinkering with a laptop that can potentially work afterwards really excites me but the tariff situation was a real bummer. I’m also holding off for various reasons such as lack of touch screen/360 hinge (my yoga made me love the useless feature).

Also, are there any future (years down the road) thoughts on attempting to maybe work with CPU OEMs to have interchangeable CPUs? Possibly a naive question, since I’m much more knowledgeable on PC building over laptops outside of swapping in a wifi card lol.

Sorry to be that guy but….LOL NO

Never gonna happen

That ship sailed long ago

Intel is very nice in naming their sockets, the latest one is LGA 1700, can you imagine shrinking that down into a laptop and keeping the pins and contact pads? Nope, the fact they needed to change the dimensions of the socket on desktop should answer that question

Nah man, I’m sad too but that’ll never happen

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Ah, that’s too bad. Oh well. Worth an ask when you don’t know shit about laptop CPUs :man_shrugging:

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