Really nice GRUB theme for Framework

I was able to find a really nice themed GRUB for Framework:

Here are some other themes:

And here is the Github:


Do you actually have macOS Big Sur running on your framework?

This is their sample screenshot. I have Ubuntu 22.10 and Windows 11 working on my framework currently.

@Joaquin_Ayuso_de_Pau, thanks for posting that find.
I’ve got it working perfectly for my needs here with a bit of background colour, menu item colour and text size tweaking. With the resolution of the framework being so large I ended up increasing the entry text size to 42, a bit over double the maximum size supplied in the theme package (20) and increased the entry field size to suit the larger text by editing the “theme.txt” file (the new pf2 file is also set in this file).
The command I used to create the “pf2” file for adjusting the font size …

sudo grub-mkfont -s 42 -o /boot/grub/themes/framework/ubuntu_regular_42.pf2 /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu/UbuntuMono-R.ttf

I used the manual installation method with just the framework tar file only not the whole git repo package download …
Manual installation instructions

I’ve also created 8 alternate backgrounds by using gimp to colour fill the header, the “framework” text/logo and the main background body. I prefer a fully black background over the dark gray supplied in the framework theme pack.

This is the one I’ve currently got in use here …

This next one is a bit easier on the eyes …

Its a bit of a pity the framework’s glossy screen makes taking a pic of it in use a real hassle, I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to get a good shot but have consistently failed as a result of screen reflection. I’ll give it another go later tonight with less background lighting.

Edit: final result with the first background above…

The colours seem a bit off in this pic, likely because of the low light conditions used for reducing screen reflections. On site/in person, the header, framework name/logo and the background look exactly like the first image I posted above.

That sure was a good find and is so easy to adjust/tweak, thanks again.

Cheers, yeti.

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There is also and (not framework related, but should fit nicely and are stretched) (related: dracula).

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