[COMMUNITY SHARE] Framework 16 Linux bootloader theme

Hey hey fellow framwork16 users. I’ve spent a little time on making a bootloader theme for the framework 16. It uses some images I have found around the internet that are as close to ‘official’ as I can find. If you are using linux with the FW16, it should look rather nice.


Would like to use it, but I’m using systemd-boot :frowning:

I installed a fresh endeavour OS when I got my FW16, and I think it recommended something that wasn’t GRUB, but awesome to see this kind of customization being made by the niche-within-niche that is linux framework users! :heart:


I just added this theme to my Arch system. Looks nice! Thanks.

You didn’t by some chance find a way for fonts to not look like crap? The default font size is too small for my liking. Sadly, Grub can only handle the bitmap font format PFF2. You can convert any ttf font with grub-mkfont, including setting a size. But the result always is that the font looks like e.g. a 9 pt bitmap font scaled to 18 pt. It looks jagged af. On a 2560x1600 screen it should be possible to have even bitmap fonts look nice, especially when they are freshly converted from a vector font. But it seems that grub-mkfont uses a fixed pixel raster to draw the vector font onto.

Is there a more “framework official” font?

It would be nice to have the font look better. Any recommended fonts?

Thanks! I’ll give it a go.

I’d love a Framework Plymouth theme too, since I’m staring at Plymouth for longer than GRUB (since I have to enter my LUKS password to unlock the drive). Maybe I’ll figure out how to do that.