Recommendation for deprecated store pages

One of the nice benefits of the Framework equipment are the QR codes printed on everything. They let you quickly figure out what you’re looking at and, if needed, order the part. If the part you’re looking at no longer exists, however, this is not helpful.

For example, I have a first-gen DP expansion card. When I scan the QR code to launch the product page, it works just fine - but it is no longer available because it’s apparently been deprecated and replaced with a new version.
Link from QR code: Framework | DisplayPort (1st Gen) Expansion Card
Link to new version: Framework | DisplayPort (2nd Gen) Expansion Card

It would be helpful to link the replacement or alternate product from the deprecated product page. In this case, a link to the new version above the option to subscribe to notifications would help the user experience quite a bit. That way, if you scan a QR code for a deprecated product, you don’t have to go hunt for the replacement. This would be particularly beneficial for mobile users, and mobile users are the most likely to use the QR code in the first place.


Still waiting for my laptop to arrive but another idea I have to go with yours is to use a URL dedicated for the parts but don’t hard link to specific pages. For example the link can be so when an old part is depricated it can be set to redirect to the latest part and put a pop up stating the old version is depreciated and this is the new version. The only thing needed to be changed is where the URL redirects to on the website such as at one point it could direct to then when it’s depricated it’ll redirect to part and have a pop-up stating so. I hope I was able to communicate my idea in a way that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the feedback! I’ve shared it with the team.