If the QR code URL isn't working, why have it on the charger?

So I made a support request for a broken charging cable, and I was asked to give a photo of my charger. The problem is that after countless tries I got a good photo, but when visiting the website that it is in the qr code and the url on it is says that the serial number/SKU/QR code is not in the system.

What’s the point than?


Presumably the intent is that the link be valid. Did you notify Support so that it can be corrected?

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I chuckled a little…get support to get support.

I think the original intent was to ensure authenticity of the charger.

I’m sure it was that, but that idea is still the same. Why have it if it doesn’t work.

I mean on the cable itself the qr code works.

Somewhat an invalid question if it’s a momentary broken feature in the chain of dependency.

e.g. Imagine asking “What’s the point of the automobile industry?” when you ran out of gas and the car doesn’t run?

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I’m not the first to report that QR codes are not working. And actually the QR codes go to a framework owned website so that’s not a reason for it to not work anymore

There is another thread on the forum about QR codes not working, and how to get the serial number from the link it generates. Don’t have a link, sorry, you’ll need to dig for it.