Recommended 2230 drive

I am not all that in the know about ssd’s (so confusing) and am looking for a 2230 ssd that i would like to use as a boot drive for windows and for programs.

Im using this one on a Steam Deck: Seagate FireCuda 520N SSD 1TB SSD - M.2 2230-S2, PCIe Gen4 ×4 NVMe 1.4, speeds up to 4800MB/s, Compatible with Steam Deck, Microsoft® Surface, Laptop, with Rescue Services (ZP1024GV3A002) : Electronics

Edit: i Usually find it for $89

Why specifically a 2230 for an FL16? 2280 drives of the same capacity are cheaper than 2230 for 1TB and 2TB. The only reason I see to go for a 2230 would be if you only want 256GB or 512GB which seem to go for a song (I picked up a batch of three 256GB 2230’s for something like £10 each on eBay here in the UK).

I just wanted to have separate drives for windows/programs and the a main one for games


That small dimension of the M.2 SSD. I wish that offer as 75 Tb.

So you can’t see that anyone would want 2 drives at all then?

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Oh, I can understand that some people will want two drives, I’m certainly looking at putting two drives in mine.

Just the original request came across to me as wanting only one drive, and I was pointing out that for a given capacity a 2280 drive is cheaper than a 2230 drive, for 1TB and 2TB drives.

I bought two of these a while back when they were around $146 for the 2TB. Even cheaper now. One is in my steam deck, other in a USB enclosure.