Using a 2230 SSD instead

I currently have a spare 2230 m.2 ssd that I want to use on my Ryzen framework when it gets here. I am aware that the mounting screw is placed for a 2280 but the drive should fit in without an issue despite that. Has anyone else been able to get this to work? I really want to find a use for this 512gb drive.

You can buy adapters. Just a plate that lets a smaller drive reach the screw for a 2280.


Good shout! I’ll make sure to pick one up and try it out. Is there one in particular you recommend?

While adapters work, the real galaxybrain move would be trading the much rarer 2230 for bigger/better 2280 to someone that needs a 30.

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@Adrian_Joachim this 2230 is coming from a Steam Deck. I assume its got good performance and power draw so I’m trying to make it work. I’d still be down to trade or sell if you know someone who wants it lol

That makes it even more valuable, it’s the biggest officially supported one, I doubt you’ll have trouble finding someone looking for one.

It’s allright and can definitely be made to work but if you can sell/trade it that’s a win/win for both sides. I am pretty sure you can probably sell it for enough to get a mid range 1tb drive that fits without an adabter.

Lol they don’t even ship steam-decks to my country jet so can’t help you there but given steam-deck compatible drives tend to be sold out everywhere you should be able to find someone.

@Adrian_Joachim looked online and it looks like these drives are plentiful due to people upgrading their decks to 1TB drives. I’ll make this drive work on my framework with an adapter and let the community know how it goes. It might turn out to be a cheaper, less power hungry alternative to the usual cheap 2280s people tend to buy.


It’ll be fine, just don’t expect any miracles, those drives are mostly just power limited and not particularly more efficient than your garden variety ssd.