Recycling program?

I have 2 old broken phones and an old broken tablet I just tried to get rid of twice at 2 locations and there were tons of signs that I was at the right location and they had open, but literally nothing was there except two huge closed gates.

One had a blue box for batteries, but literally had the smallest holes and not a single device fit in, and another location had a door with spider webs and looked like a haunted house and nobody answered…

I started thinking that Framework could offer a program and you can reuse the lithium batteries, old metal, screws and parts even of other machines maybe and save some cost in production at the same time ?

EDIT: I was thinking about this the other day, but if I was to replace my framework battery at some point and my old one is still pretty good, I’d prefer to send it back to you guys for free even. Im sure many ppl feel this way about their old replaced parts that they have no use for…

This could be a great idea to think about, even if you just want to offer this for old framework parts

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That’s a whole new business, and even large companies don’t do that.

You can of course recycle with some effort, so that’s a clue to how profitable recycling is.

But look at It’s not their primary job, which is Fairtrade, but that goes along with re-use.


A better idea for an old battery is for FW to make an external battery kit that you could fit it into to get some more capacity.


They mentioned it but have yet to produce one

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I’m waitin’ for that one to become real. Still have the same battery I started with back in the 11th gen days.

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What do you mean back then. This is what I have here and now.

Back here maybe 11th gen is going strong.

I hoping it’ll last another ten years.

What I mean is I got my FW outta the original run. Batch 2, 11th gen. I haven’t replaced the battery, yet. If/when they make an external battery case, I’d swap it out as a spare battery “pack.”