Red line on Framework screen

Hello, a red line has started to appear intermittently in the middle of my screen. It has become permanent, so I decided to turn the computer back on. Now I have two lines and sometimes a third, in short, the screen is going crazy…

The computer is less than two months old, it hasn’t been exposed to water, it hasn’t been dropped, it hasn’t been moved around a lot… could this be a problem other than the hardware?

There’s an easy way to find out: create a “live USB” drive, boot from it, and see if the problem is still there. No need to install the OS from that drive, you can just use the “try it out” option.

If the red lines show up under Ubuntu as well (I suspect they will), then the problem is in the hardware. Framework’s support team should be able to help.

There’s one thing you might try before contacting them though, if you’re comfortable opening up the system and playing with its innards: turn it off, make sure there’s no AC adapter attached, disconnect the battery (carefully!), and with the battery still disconnected, and press and hold the power button for ten seconds or so. That should drain the motherboard of any residual charge. (If your Framework has a Real-Time Clock battery, you might remove that too.) Then reconnect the battery/batteries (again, carefully!) and see of that made any difference. For a problem like this, it probably won’t, but stranger things have happened.

I would check the display cables too, just in case, but my best guess is an issue with the panel. Hopefully Support can get you sorted out. Best of luck.

No need to try that, the lines are visible since boot, and in BIOS.

Tried that! Still here…

Oh no stop scaring me, i only had mine for a month😣

Worst case sceneraio, you need a new panel for 100? Or could this be motherboard related???

Let us know what support is saying im curious

Then yeah, it’s hardware.

The good news is that, at less than two months old, it’s under warranty – and it’s a Framework. :slight_smile: Support might have you run some additional tests, and maybe try a few potential fixes that I don’t know about, then will likely send you a new screen that you can easily install.

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Sorry to hear that. Hopefully Support can get things sorted out for you shortly. Fingers crossed.