Screen Issues

My laptop screen now has a vertical band of dead screen about 2 inches wide. I literally just closed my laptop for a few minutes when I went to the bathroom, and when I came back the pixels were dead.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Is it a connection issue of some sort?

Support ticket in your future


I would power off and disconnect the screen, then reconnect and test again. If that doesn’t resolve the issue:

I had the exact same issue. Reseating it didn’t help, and now the leftmost part is dead as well. Opened up a support ticket.

Definitely an issue with the screen itself, I switched screens with another framework laptop that I’ve got and the screen that had the issue has the issue on both laptops, and the working screen works just fine on both laptops.

Talked to Framework support, sent in a few pictures of the hardware, and they’re sending me a new screen. If anyone else encounters this, you’ll likely need to follow the advice of @Edward_Gray and open a support ticket for a screen replacement.