Removable battery prospect?

Is there any chance that a removable battery is under consideration for future models? Notice that I’m talking about the plug-unplug kind of removable.
Personally, I very much like the concept of carrying a spare battery around and being able to just plug it in if necessary.

I get, however, that this may be taking things a bit too far and admittedly, not seeing anyone else talking about it makes me think it wouldn’t be among the most popular features, but since we’re talking about a modular laptop, I figured it would make some sense.


Given how quicky any of my laptops seem to discharge, I’d be more than happy to care a spare battery or two to be able to have my laptop on the go without having to find an outlet wherever I am.

I do this with my power tools and used to do it with my BlackBerry in the old days…doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all.


So do I. I carry a USB-C PD power bank that I can also use to charge my phone. Go for a 60W one!


Since there won’t be a Framework for a while, if at all, with a swappable battery, is shouldn’t be too off-topic to ask - recommendations for power banks for this laptop?


@Chris_Eden Anker has a reputation for decent power banks, though I actually haven’t tried other brands, so I’m admittedly biased. This has great capacity but is pricey and a bit heavy, so you might find this more reasonable.

Note that it doesn’t need to be 60W, despite what I said earlier:


The 45W shouldn’t be bad, and a slow charge is certainly better than no charge. :slight_smile:

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If you were to keep the laptop locked to its lower power state, you might be able to get away with a 30W, since the CPU cant boost above 25W or sustain at more than 15

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Some people seem to have issues at charging with lower wattages (still more than 15) so I wouldn’t be so confident in that. Though the ability to provide for example 30W at 20V instead of 5V is something to look out for since the laptop wouldn’t charge very well with the 5V designed for smaller devices.

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@hardtimefor1 Good point about the ongoing issue with low-wattage chargers (links for those not in the loop: 1, 2) I hope this and other similar issues are just caused by a firmware bug and not a hardware issue. That said, you don’t need to worry about voltage for USB PD chargers, since sources of a given wattage are required to support specific voltages (fig. 7 and below). Any source over 15 W must be able to supply 9 V, 15 V for over 27 W, etc (notice that the charger pictured in the first linked thread follows these rules). Devices negotiate the highest values they can use … if they’re working as intended.

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I’m also expecting to have a sleek/slim dock about half of the width of laptop itself, which hooks to the expansion card from any side by push-pull logic (L shaped connection).

It could contain a long battery which could be used when at home and no electricity, as well as it can serve as a table which can put the laptop’s backside a bit over the front for better vents and palmrest.

Gigabyte and XMG already solved this with their A5 X1 model. I hope framework can follow as well

That is also a 5lb, 15in gaming laptop, not a 13" that’s thinner than a macbook. I’m sure it’d be possible, but it would probably compromise the already middling battery life.