Lid alignment off by a bit. Does anyone know how to fix it?

The misalignment of the lid is small but it bothers me. Had a similar problem with a Lenovo before. But this being Framework laptop, I figure there should be a solution, right?
I have attached the photos. Does anyone know how to fix it?

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You could try adjusting the hinges a bit (with whatever amount of violence seems necessary). If you break them in the process, you can buy a replacement kit for 24$ on the marketplace, which would be your other option anyways (unless either your top or bottom cover is crooked, which is unlikely).

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I actually looked at the hinge by taking off the keyboard and the bezel cover. I didn’t really see any place for adjustment.

You’re camera focus is off but judging by the pictures it appears to be approximately 1-3 mm off. Is that accurate?

Was it like that before you applied the skin?

It may have shifted when you applied the skin if you were smoothing it out while peeling the backing off.

Have you attempted to put the slightest force in the opposite direction?

Also would you tell me if the honeycomb skin is textured and who makes it?

YouTube search found these:

Framework replacement hinge kit:

Framework hinge repair guide:

It seems this is by design, both laptops I have seen in person also exhibit this. I think it is not crooked, but rather shifted to accommodate the cables for the screen on the left side hinge. If you look at the hinge, there should be a slightly bigger gap on the left side.

Yes and yes.

I doubt it as I didn’t peel back. I was pretty lucky with this skin installation.

Yes, I have tried that but I didn’t want to force it too much as I was worried that it might damage it. But it’s pretty stable in that misaligned position.

It’s a brand skin.

Thank you. I did look at the hinge replacement guide to see if I could adjust it back in place. I removed the keyboard and the bezel to look at the hinge a bit more. I will give the instructions from the videos a try.

Possibly. But I am just bugged by it. :weary:

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