Replacement Part Questions

I took a fall on some ice and landed on my backpack, which had my Framework laptop in it. The top of the laptop bent slightly and that also put this weird white line through the screen. It’s still useable, but it’s not “nice”, so I’m planning on replacing the top lid and the screen. I had a couple questions about the replacement parts though.

  1. I noticed the top lid only seems to come as a kit with the webcam and microphone module. Mine still work fine, so I was wondering if it was possible to buy just the top lid. Or should I just sell the extra microphone/webcam that I wind up with?

  2. Is there a controller for the screen I can find somewhere? I’m assuming the controller that Framework uses is integrated into the laptop, but if the screen is sourced from somewhere, I thought there may be a controller I could purchase elsewhere and repurpose my damaged, but still functional screen after I replace it.

If it is working fine maybe you can remove the screen from the lid and bend the lid back to shape ??

Maybe the white line will go?