Replacing fingerprint reader with a plain button

I don’t think hardware should have the ability to read biometrics, anyone know if it is possible to replace the fingerprint reader with a plain button? I was thinking of 3D printing something to fit the place and coming up with a simple button that would work instead, but don’t want to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to.


Will not be simple. Would have to completely redo the button assembly.

Just in case, there’s an option to disable the fingerprint scanner in the BIOS menu.


I agree with you. I think a maybe simple solution might be to just put a small sticker above the power on button.

But I agree, I would like to have the option of a normal Power on/off button for the DIY edition to save money and resources.

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If you feel adventurous, you can figure out which pins on the fingerprint module are the USB ones (power, D+ and D-) and mask them (or disconnect them). The power button switch has its own dedicated pin so it’s separate from fingerprint functionality (based on the input cover pinout).


It looks like the cable can easily be replaced.

How much work (and how expensive) would it be for Framework to create and sell replacement cables that don’t have the USB traces?

Disabling it in the BIOS is nice, but I’d happily pay for an extra cable if that means the fingerprint reader can be physically disconnected.

Pretty sure they use standard cables. You need to find out what the pitch, length and number of leads are.

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Could have a look and figure out the correct cable, generally they wouldn’t mask two pins but you could easily remove the pin or mask.

A different thread talking about the same solution: here.
TL;DR try to see if the Chromebook edition button can be used for the Framework 13. It seems to not have the fingerprint sensor.

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This!!! Just disable and no more worries.