Remove Fingerprint Reader

I have a client that is purchasing a couple Frame.Work systems, We are setting them up for him.

This client is uber security conscious and we have removed the wireless, antennas, and camera from the ones we already setup, per hios request. We forgot there is a fingerprint reader and the client is OK with turning it off, for now, but wants a non biometric solution.

Can I simply purchase the Chrome power button and bypass the fingerprint reading completely? As I said, the client would like ZERO biometrics

Thank you for any replies and I want to say that the Frame.Work concept is a great one. I will be purchasing more in the future, for certain.

Thanks for all the work you do and thank you, community for being so awesome.


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You can likely replace it with the power button from Chromebook Edition which does not have a fingerprint sensor. I would double-check compatibility with Support though.

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You could put a sticker or piece of electrical tape on it, which would make the fingerprint reader useless. Maybe even a lick of paint would do the trick.

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Have you added any EMI shielding to the laptop? And have it running from an isolated powergrid?

Example scenario:

It seems like the Chromebook power button is indeed labeled as compatible with regular Framework, probably just double check with support, you can also ask when they will be ready to ship (it’s still not in stock on my end).

At the meantime, likely you could cut some traces on the fingerprint reader to physically disable it, maybe support has more info on this as well.

Here’s some useful information on the Fingerprint Sensor pinout.

Just like Jason mentioned, you can break the traces on the PCB and therefore electrically disconnect the sensor. Or you can spend money on another button.

Off-topic: If you end up replacing the sensor with the button from the Chromebook edition, would you be interested in sending them to a member of the community for extra tinkering? I was just looking at a thread about making an external fingerprint sensor using the Framework module.

Although it’s not a configuration we’ve done validation of, the Chromebook Edition Power Button should work on any Framework Laptop 13.