Not using wifi


If I’m NOT installing the wifi card, will I still be able to connect to the internet ?
For instance, through the ethernet ?

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Yes you can install a usb to ethernet adaptator.
Or you may buy from framework their ethernet module…but personaly I don t see the interest of this FW module as it is in the end bulky. I never tried this kind of module but it should work.

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Just to be clear : if I order a Framework laptop, when assembling the components, it’s not necessary to put the wifi card in it to connect to the internet ? An ethernet adaptor is enough ?

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If you’re willing to go the route of absolutely not ever connecting the laptop to wifi, then yes go for it!

Instead of two network interfaces in windows or linux (wifi and the ethernet adapter) you’d just have one if it’s plugged in being just the ethernet adapter.

The wifi module doesn’t control anything other than its own function. Having, for example the FW 2,5 gigabit ethernet adapter it would have its own circuitry on board to control that jack, independent from any other internet (Wifi/Ethernet) NICs. That, btw is one of the reasons why it’s bulky. 2,5 gig is a little more bleeding edge rather than plain ol’ 1 gig which is on most laptops / motherboards and it needs a better chip and extra components.

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You might also be able to remove the antenna module from the lid (if you don’t care about BT and Wifi)

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The wifi card also supplies the Bluetooth connectivity.
So if Bluetooth is also not required for your use case, then yes, use the Ethernet USB adapter, or one of the many other USB to Ethernet options.
Be warned, you may have some initial difficulties setting up drivers and what not.

The WiFi card will be pre-installed, so it’s never necessary to put it in.

You can remove it if you want, but then you’ll lose wifi and bluetooth. Sure, you can still connect to the internet using ethernet if you get an adapter.