Request: Review of Framework Laptop 16 Keyboard Layouts




** —>>> Updated keyboard layout**




Traditional Chinese






UK English


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US English (RGB)



US English (Linux/V2)



US English



Num Pad US English



In my experience, “druck” instead of “PRT SCR” and “bild” instead of “pg” seem more common on german keyboards.
And I’ve once or twice seen “fn-sperre” in place of “fn lock” (usually, they don’t print anything on the key and probably just hope that you learn about that functionality by chance, osmosis or whatever or - if they’re really nice - they add a status LED to the key).
Oh, and 5 of the 6 german keyboards (4 laptops, 2 desktops) near me at the moment (+ one ancient typewriter) use a big down arrow instead of a big up arrow for the caps lock key. The one with the up arrow is the 12th Gen Framework 13…


Great feedback thus far. I will pass this along so concerns, ideas, etc are provided. Thanks all!


I’m not sure how I feel about the numbers being above the shift characters. Like, I 60% don’t like it, 40% don’t care? It’s more of a nitpick I suppose.

This one I have much stronger feelings about. Please make the Super key be the Framework gear symbol! I really, really want a keyboard with a Framework-symbol Super key!

Not pictured in either of these images, though, is an Fn Lock light. Granted, they also don’t show the Caps Lock light in these graphics, so this is neither a confirmation nor disconfirmation. But since you’re looking for feedback, please put an Fn Lock light on the Esc key!!
When I’m playing Minecraft on my FW13, I like to turn Fn Lock off so I have access to F1/F2/F3. When I’m not playing Minecraft, I want Fn Lock turned on so I have access to my media keys.
The number of times I have accidentally refreshed a page (F5) because I meant to pause a song… Ugh…

I like the calculator button. Nice addition, and I think it will be very useful!
Now, maybe not everyone will agree with me on this next part, but I’d really like to have a numpad with no Num Lock. I never have a use to have Num Lock turned off. It is very annoying going to use the numpad and realizing that for whatever reason, Num Lock is off. If you want to include it just in case there is someone who will use it, might I recommend relegating it to an Fn key?


Thanks @Matt_Hartley

Another vote to use the FW logo as the character for the Super key on the Linux/V2 option.

Edit: and then a swap would be in order for “F12” Key icon. A few options: lock, refresh, screenshot, view desktops/open apps.


Seconding the framework gear symbol in place of the “super” word for the super key. However, as the F12 key also sports the framework gear, maybe replacing that with whatever icon typically goes onto F12 would be a good idea (if the entire “Framework-icon for super key” is accepted.

Also yeah, the unused space of the left and right arrow keys is a tad odd as that seems more nicely solved on the current ones (like the one I’m typing this post on).


Maybe a music symbol ♫ would be a good replacement? Seems to open the Media Center on Windows. I don’t remember it doing anything in Linux (at least Ubuntu).


my guess is that since this is the RGB variant, that its setup like this for RGB shine-through? I agree that it’s weird but I also like it?

the problem with this is that the f12 button is also the framework gear, meaning they’d probably want a different symbol for that key, but then do you standardize the f12 keys and have no framework logo on the windows key variants, or have two different symbols for the f12 function depending on windows or linux keyboards plus it would vary between 13 and 16 keyboards.

I will voice my agreement.
I do use the navig keys on my number pad,
but I rarely switch between navig and numbers.
It would be good UX to make accidentally switching difficult.

Bonus: you free up another spot for something useful like , or Tab.


Hadn’t thought of that. If that’s the case, then I would totally be okay with it.

I’d say change it to a music ♫ symbol. It opens the media center, so that makes a lot more sense than the Framework Gear. Gear symbol (outside of logos) generally implies settings or configurations. It gives an incorrect impression of what the key does. The understanding that the gear is a logo just makes it more confusing and ambiguous.

As far as unifying them across FW 13 and 16, and across language versions, I’d argue to unify all future prints to the ♫ music symbol. The reasons are the “function clarity” stuff I mentioned above.


I struggle to think what key to put here that I would actually use. But anything would be more useful than Num Lock (in my opinion).

Programmers tend to write function calls like f(0,2,1) often.
Also big numbers are written like 1,000,000,000 and in some regions the comma is used for decimal places.

Spreadsheet users want Tab to move to the next cell.

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