German Keyboard Layout Translation Errors

Hey all,
I am not sure if my laptop is the only one affected, but judging from the product pictures of the German keyboard, this might be more common.

Basically in a German Keyboard layout the ctrl keys are translated to strg (see for example here). This is the case for my right key, it is correctly labeled strg.

However, the left key still has the english ctrl printed on it. Similarly, the pg up and down keys and the PRT SCR are not translated correctly.

This is no big deal for me, but I wanted to point it out, as it kind of gives a bad look to the quality of the product. Let me know if this is an early version issue or something that should be fixed.


That mistake is already known, for example here:

or here:

I’m note sure if it has been fixed in the production for new models, I would assume so. Which generation do you have?

It is a 12th Gen Batch 3, so quite new compared to those reports

It is still an issue on the keyboard I received with my AMD Framework 13. Looks like nobody cared to fix it or they have a hugh stock of old keyboards with German layout.

I would hope it is old stock. There are also page up/down being labeled pg (Dell labels those “Seite”), PRTSCR in all caps not matching the lower case everywhere else (Dell uses “Druck”) and function lock is, well, “fn lock” which probably would be done better as a lock symbol.

I don’t really mind this, actually I find the quirkiness a subtle reminder of the very likeable DIYness of the whole thing. However, in the broader scheme of things this is something that should get fixed in the future.