Request: Review of Italian, Spanish (Spain), and Chinese (Traditional) keyboards

We’re working on bringing Italian, Spanish (the variant used in Spain), and Chinese (Traditional) keyboards into the Marketplace. Before we submit a production order of these though, we wanted to make sure we didn’t get anything wrong in the artwork. We realized after the fact that we have a small bug in our German layout (maybe it’ll become a collectors item).


Spanish here,
The key “ºª” (the first numerical) noramlly have a “_” under each letter.


Italian looks perfect :+1:


On the italian keyboard I would add the curly braces {} above the squared braces [], as usually every italian keyboard has this indication


The Traditional Chinese one looks right. I’m not sure if [ and {, also ] and }, need to be swapped or not. I’m fine with the current one.

Spanish seems fine to me but, as @pagoru said, the “ªº” characters are written with an underscore. Also, PgUp/PgDn is usually labelled as “Re Pág/Av Pág” and Caps Lock as “Bloq Mayús”.
There are no actual mistakes that I see. This design has a more modern look than most Spanish layouts and what I just mentioned can be considered stylistic choices.
Waiting for a Spanish release soon! Keep up the good work!!!

For all of them there’s one fatal flaw. The key to the right of fn seems to have a Windows logo! Presposterous! /j

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Traditional Chinese looks great! [ and { do not need to be swapped.