Request: Review of Italian, Spanish (Spain), and Chinese (Traditional) keyboards

We’re working on bringing Italian, Spanish (the variant used in Spain), and Chinese (Traditional) keyboards into the Marketplace. Before we submit a production order of these though, we wanted to make sure we didn’t get anything wrong in the artwork. We realized after the fact that we have a small bug in our German layout (maybe it’ll become a collectors item).


Spanish here,
The key “ºª” (the first numerical) noramlly have a “_” under each letter.


Italian looks perfect :+1:


On the italian keyboard I would add the curly braces {} above the squared braces [], as usually every italian keyboard has this indication


The Traditional Chinese one looks right. I’m not sure if [ and {, also ] and }, need to be swapped or not. I’m fine with the current one.

Spanish seems fine to me but, as @pagoru said, the “ªº” characters are written with an underscore. Also, PgUp/PgDn is usually labelled as “Re Pág/Av Pág” and Caps Lock as “Bloq Mayús”.
There are no actual mistakes that I see. This design has a more modern look than most Spanish layouts and what I just mentioned can be considered stylistic choices.
Waiting for a Spanish release soon! Keep up the good work!!!

For all of them there’s one fatal flaw. The key to the right of fn seems to have a Windows logo! Presposterous! /j


Traditional Chinese looks great! [ and { do not need to be swapped.

Thanks all, we have added the underlines on Spanish. For Italian, we got a range of conflicting feedback on whether or not { } should be on the keyboard, so we decided to leave it off. For Chinese, we proceeded with the keyboard as-is.


Here are the final print proofs if anyone is interested:

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Actually, we had one more refresh of the proofs:




Any spoilers on framework’s availability in the countries where these keyboards are used? (it’s Italy for me :slight_smile: )

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I’m also interested on one of these, when they will be available on Spain?

Is there a release window for these countries? Just to know if it is like 1-3 months from now, 3-6 months or more.
I need to know because it’s more than an year that I’m waiting to buy the framework, and I cannot wait any longer. (I can just change the keyboard once it release)

Yesterday’s launch event announced that pre-orders for the new models (and with it presumably also existing models) will become available in Italy and Spain (as well as Belgium and Taiwan) in summer this year.


Thank you for the information. I saw the event and I was thrilled :grin:

Hong Kong also uses the same Chinese (Traditional) keyboards :o

maybe HK is next

Hi, deseperado to get a new laptop, as my Intel ThinkPad do not support Windows 11. Not critical, as Windows 10, still supported until 2025. I am completely sold out to the concept of Framework, modular, customizable design and reparable. But the fact that do not have a Spanish keyboard availability, it´s holding me to get it. I can get an extra keyboard but wanted to avoid to buy it later. My two cents. Thank you. JP

PLS can we have for ITALY a version with plain ENTER KEY like in the usa or chinese version?
Its so much nicer. As in ansi version


Hi, Spanish keyboard are available on the marketplace. I just ordered mine. The input covert is not available yet and could not add it to my actual order configuration, so I ordered separately. It cost me 30€ sending to Ireland, but it’s what it’s. Let’s see what arrived first: The computer or the ES keyboard. :joy:. Cheers. JP