Request: Review of Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Swiss, Slovenian, Thai, Hungarian, and Danish keyboards

Is it normal that in all the layouts the I is in bold ? It shows up on the crtl and caps lock to.

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The Danish layout could use a € on the 5-key. Bottom right like other currencies on 3 and 4.
Other than that it looks good.

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Hey there! Just want to chime in with some nuances about the Hungarian one. It is technically perfect. One thing that is bothering me insanely is the placement of the letter “Ű” in the mid row. Every single Hungarian is used to only É and Á next to the enter in the mid row. Most others solve this with a flat enter key and slap the Ű on top, in the qwerty row.

Hi, I’m native Thai.

Thai language is understandable.

Most Thai people won’t be serious about this.

but if possible please fix these 4 floating characters อิ (B button) อื (N button) อ้ (H button) and อึ (7 button).

You guys already make the corrected floating character on อั (Y button) and อี (U button). I expected all of floating characters to be the same vertical alignment.

Here is the image for more explanation

For reference, Please see Apple’s magic keyboard

I draw a line on the magic keyboard for demonstration. but the forum won’t allow a new user to post more images. so, here is the link.


Hungarian here, keyboard looks correct :+1:


Let me get this straight. You say, that it’s like the US layout, with the Enter button being shorter and more wider, and it takes the place of the Ű button, and Ű moves to the right side of Ú?

That’s interesting. I’ve never seen a keyboard like that before. Every single one that I used was the same exact layout that OP posted. Are you using some kind of remapped version of a US keyboard maybe?

Slovenian keyboard looks good, just add the € symbol on the E key. I much prefer the apple “slovenian/croatian” that is qwerty and not qwertz, and I think most tech people here do too, but I understand that the general market is more used to qwertz.

I’m too dumb to quote but to answer you Dawe24, yes, exactly as you described. I checked 5 of my old laptops, my gfs ones, now going to ask around friends.

Swedish Keyboard

I think it looks really good, not missing anything. Only thing annoying is the windows key, would like to have FW logo or ‘super’ :wink:


Hi Axel and welcome to the forum.

The issue with the Windows key has been discussed at length but for Framework to get Microsoft discounts for pre-builds it seems that was the price.


Thanks everyone. We’re going to add the euro symbol on the Slovenian keyboard and adjust the alignment on the Thai keyboard. For the other changes, we don’t see consensus on whether the change is needed, so we will leave it alone for now.


Thai layout will more clean with minimal font such as kanit font.

Hi, Swedish looks great, can’t wait to be able to order!


Norwegian looks good

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As a Swede, the Swedish layout looks good!
As a Framework Laptop fan, I would like to expand a bit on that. There is a common keyboard layout for for Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway called Pan Nordic used by OEMs like Lenovo, Dell, Keychron and others.
The main difference is around the three (really just two, Å is the same for all) shared umlauts that differs just a bit between the countries but can be collected in the Nordic hardware key-layout like [Å][ÖØÆ][ÄÆØ]. This makes the hw keyboards compatible between the nordic sw locales settings at the cost of a bit of a cramped typography on the umlaout keys.
Anyhow, for the big OEMs that have to deliver to resellers and keep stock, coordinating layout for market with a Nordic layout makes sense. If you are shipping direct from on demand delivery lines the minutia of typography of two keyboard-key layouts may not matter much, and the end customer gets a cleaner layout.
Both are fine with me.


Swedish is missing the € on lower right of 5.
But only first two are printed on your design.

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No please, that mixed layout is horrible for people that needs to glance at the keys while typing.


That mixed layout is hated by soo many, and it makes me type the wrong letter ever so often.


I checked four different keyboards at work, and none had the € printed on the 5 key. All of them had it on the E key.

Typing Alt Gr + 5 did however print the € symbol. As did Alt Gr + E.

Brands checked: Varmilo keyboard, Asus ZenBook laptop, Dell laptop, HP keyboard.

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Swedish look good! :+1: