RESOLVED: 1st day Issue installing Windows

RESOLVED: I didn’t insert the SSD properly!!! Just needed to push it a little bit more :slight_smile:
As usual, the problem was in front of the keyboard :slight_smile:

I just received my DIY Edition.
I created a Windows 10 Bootable usb stick on another laptop, prepared the DIY edition and inserted the USB stick on the DIY edition.
It boots correctly on the USB stick but I cannot install windows as it doesn’t find the SSD (WD SN850 NVMe) and requires the pilot. Where could I find the pilot and try to add it to my USB stick?
Other thing: if I don’t insert the USB stick, the laptop tells me there is no bootable device. Did I make a mistake installing the SSD?

Sorry if this is obvious to you. I am trying to learn…


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