(RESOLVED) AMD 7840u volume/brightness OSD not functioning

AMD Ryzen 7 7840u
BIOS JFP30.03.03
Windows 11 Pro (22H2) 22621.2506
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22677.1000.0

When I use the volume/brightness keys, the OSD pops up with the numerical value, but the ‘slider’ doesn’t display any data.

RESOLVED: As another user pointed out, it was because I was using the color theme ‘storm’ which is basically the same color as the bar.

Looks like a Windows bug because both display for me. I’m running Windows 11 pro but I’m in the beta channel.

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What windows accent color are you using by chance? I have mine set to a light lavender, and there is very little contrast between it and the slider background, so it can be very hard for me to see the level indication. (not sure if you can set the accent color to a gray, but I could see an oversight where you could set it to a very similar color to the indicator bar)

Note: I just tested, and it seems the “Storm” accent color is just about the same gray as the indicator bar, this could be your issue

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This was it! Thank you so much. It was set to storm.

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