Very Dark Display

OS: Windows 11 (but not installed yet)
Framework 13 DIY Edition AMD Ryzen 5 7640U

Just got my laptop and initially thought it wasn’t posting till I realized the screen is just extremely dark. It seems the display backlight is not working and trying to change the brightness via keyboard function keys does nothing. Reseated the display connector and issue still persists.

I have already opened a support ticket but of course not going to hear back anytime soon as today (Monday) is a holiday and also frustrated since it already took over a week to get here.

But my main question is if the external display is supposed to work during initial Windows Setup? Or BIOS? Tried plugging in with HDMI but I don’t get any signal out.

Could anyone please confirm if your BIOS can show on an external monitor? Preferably those with the AMD framework but any input is appreciated.

I’m in the same boat, amd laptop has very dark screen

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I contacted support and they had to send me a new screen.

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I’ve got the exact same problem, any solution worked out ?