[Resolved] Screen not dimming (Windows 11, Ryzen 7040)


I just received my Framework 13 Ryzen 7040 DIY edition laptop. I put it together according to the manual, installed the NVME and memory, formatted the drive and installed Windows 11 to test drive it (first OS, Linux later).

I immediately installed the required driver package and made sure my bios is up to date (3.03). All the function keys are working (muting, volume, airplaine mode, brightness etc.) but for some reason the screen doesn’t dim when lowering the brightness.

Note that the brightness key presses register in Windows, because I see the brightness popup visual on screen. Also dimming directly from within windows doesn’t work. Any ideas why this is? I really need to be able to dim my screen.

I expected this to at least work by default on windows. Could this be a hardware issue? I also have a green (stuck) pixel, which is kind of a bummer to be honest, because it doesn’t qualify under warranty.

Any help would be appreciated.

For some reason I had to explicitly install the AMD drivers after installing the driver pacakge? It also correctly lists the Radeon 780M now as my display adapter. Something must have gone wrong previously, not sure what. I assume the display adapter is installed when installing the driver package?

In theory yes.
Personally, I hate the way the drivers are distributed by Framework.
It’s designed for inexperienced people (just download this big blob and run it), which is fine and all, if they also allowed individual driver downloads. But I found almost nothing in the big blob to be useful.

I got the “mobile chipset” driver package and the usual GPU driver from AMD and they were all newer.

I got the IPU driver directly from AMD’s beta AI page. Again, newer.

I learned that the default Windows driver for Realtek 2.5GBps card is BETTER.

I DETEST Realtek audio drivers.

The only thing I needed from the giant blob was the fingerprint sensor driver. But needing to download the mostly useless blob to extract (7zip) just the fingerprint sensor driver was… not ideal.