Resolved: Audio expansion card isn't presented to Microsoft sound mapper

Can anyone advise on this please?
My framework audio expansion card does not show up in windows 11 as a selectable audio device for the Microsoft sound mapper.
I have plugged in another external USB audio interface and that does show up.

In the device section of the control panel, I have:

Audio inputs and outputs
Microphone (USB Audio CODEC ) 1 of 4
Microphone Array (Realtek(R) Audio) 2 of 4
Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio) 3 of 4
Speakers (USB Audio CODEC ) 4 of 4

I do see the expansion card showing up in this list:

Sound, video and game controllers
AMD BT Audio Device 1 of 5
AMD High Definition Audio Device 2 of 5
AMD USB Audio Device 3 of 5
Realtek(R) Audio 4 of 5
USB Audio CODEC 5 of 5

I should also say that I did install the downloaded device driver pack.

OK, it’s now working okay.