[RESOLVED] Blinking Black Screen in bios

Hi ya’ll!
When in the bios, it blinks in and out with a black screen. This doesn’t stop me from choosing bios options or anything. It also only happens in the bios and not when I’ve booted into Gentoo.
I think this started a few days ago, but I only noticed it after taking the fan assembly off and back on because of having to enter my chassis intrusion password. It was blinking the same in this prompt.
I can’t attach a video, so here’s a gif?

Some things of note:

  • I didn’t replace the factory thermal paste when I disassembled the fan assembly (I’m not good at reading ahead lol), but have some arriving this Thursday
  • It’s an 11th gen with an i7-1185G7 that I got in July of last year.
  • It was on bios version 3.10 when this started. Assuming updating the bios would fix it, I updated to 3.17. (The 3.19 uefi shell hasn’t been released at the time of writing)
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In the case of some BIOS updates there has been an issue where only one retimer gets updated. I would verify with fwupdmgr that no BIOS updates are waiting. It may show that your 3.17 update is available, in which case you likely have an incomplete update.

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Fwupdmgr doesn’t show there being any available bios updates. And I don’t actually have anything backing my idea that updating the bios would fix this. It started on 3.10 and stayed after updating to 3.17

Please open a support ticket describing your problem and linking this this thread.

After applying new thermal paste, the issue has gone away. I suspect the assembly wasn’t sufficiently tightened, but I’m not sure.

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