[RESOLVED] How to get TPM working

I am running Arch Linux on my Framework13 11th gen. I have my partition encrypted with LUKS, so at boot it asks me for my password.

Now I wanted to setup TPM so I don’t have to input my password during each boot.

But the TPM is not recognized either in the BIOS or in Arch. Anyone a idea how to initialize the TPM, in BIOS it states “Not Detected” and “Not Installed”.

Any help or directions are welcome.

There is a guide for Fedora I think here : https://community.frame.work/t/guide-setup-tpm2-autodecrypt/39005

Thanks for the link.

But neither the OS or BIOS can see the TPM.

systemd-cryptenroll --tpm2-device=list
No suitable TPM2 devices found.

To me, that would suggest a hardware fault. Even if not enabled, it should still be detected, no?

That’s what I was thinking. But before contacting support I wanted to check here to see if I was making a mistake.

I just contacted support. Is going to take a while since they are quite busy with the Framework 16 release and upcoming Monday is a holiday.

Oh, whose holiday this time?

Apparently the Americans.

Framework ticket escalation support will be delayed on Monday February 19th, as Framework in the United States will be observing the Presidents’ Day holiday. Normal operations will resume on Tuesday February 20th.

Ah, OK, thanks. I’m not up on US holidays, apart from ones they make a lot of noise about like July 4th.

Problem solved, support is going to replace the mainboard.

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Marking this as resolved.