Cannot enable TPM in BIOS

I want to enable BitLocker on my new Framework 13 AMD laptop, but it seems that the TPM is not detected. Going into the BIOS, I find this setting:

If I set that to “Enabled”, save, and exit, it always resets to “No Operation”. Is there something I’m missing?
I have installed the latest BIOS (3.03).

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I think that shows pending operations, so you have enabled it already.

I see. Windows still can’t seem to find it, though.

Are you on Windows 10? It doesn’t support Microsoft Pluton, which is the effective TPM for the 7040 mainboards.

It is supported out of the box on Windows 11. Some people have had issues upgrading from an existing Windows 10 instance though since it can’t find the TPM device for its upgrade installer’s validation.


Ah, that would be it then. Thanks for the info.

Does this mean it can not upgrade to Win11?