TPM Module "Not Detected" in BIOS, or anywhere else

Hi everyone,

So I recently got my Framework DIY edition. It was working really well until it decided to shut off randomly. Then it rebooted to the BitLocker recovery key screen.

Eventually I got (almost) everything working again and I’ve already contacted support and they’ve been responding quickly which is great!

However, some things are just behaving weirdly now, and while I wait for support to reply back, I was wondering if anyone had any troubleshooting ideas to fix the fact that in BIOS my TPM shows up as “Not detected”? Because of this, BitLocker encryption is paused and some other oddities are happening (like I can’t shut off the laptop via Windows, I must manually power it down).

I’ve updated the BIOS, reinstalled the drivers, etc, but the TPM module just will not show up anywhere, even in device manager.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks.
(Also, it’s entirely possible that my TPM module is completely shot, in which case I will need a replacement mainboard)

EDIT: Here’s a pic

Hmm. It would point to some weird catastrophic failure on the TPM to me. Odd for such a usually reliable component :thinking: I hope support get you sorted quickly!

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Please submit a support request through Framework | Support

This sounds like a potentially bad mainboard.

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Yeah, I think that’s what is going on. I reached out to them a couple days ago, and they’ve always responded quickly.

Just yesterday they escalated my ticket after some troubleshooting, so hopefully I can resolve this soon.


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Update: Framework support sent me a new mainboard. I installed it and now everything works perfectly