[RESOLVED] Pop OS updating kernel now causing graphic glitching

I’m trying to see if there are any others who are running into this same issue or if there are any suggested solutions.

Running: Pop OS 22.04
Kernel: 5.17.5

Since updating to the new kernel, I’ve noticed some graphical glitching and tearing when playing games. It doesn’t seem to be an overheating issue as have a cooler on and this didn’t happen with the old kernel (was on 5.16.19). To get around this upon booting up the laptop, I’ve pressed spacebar to then select the old kernel.

Am I stuck in keeping with this older kernel and can’t update my machine? I’m rather new-ish to Linux as a whole so worried I won’t be able to go into pop shop to run updates as I worry I might lose the ability to use the kernel that I know works.

Thank you in advance for insight.

Could you describe the glitches you’re seeing in more detail? Also, what are your display settings set to? Do you have fractional scaling enabled in display settings?

I’ve had graphical issues on one screen too in 5.17.5 (Fedora 36), but the update to 5.17.6 fixed it for me. You’ll have to wait until your distro includes the updated kernel.

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I don’t have fractional scaling enabled in the display settings.

For the display, I have the resolution at 2256x1504 (3:2) and scale at 200%. When running the games, I tend to use a lower resolution (1600x900).

As for the glitching, the screen flash or stutter several times over every couple of moments.

sorry to resurrect this old post of mine but wanted to advise that after getting 5.18 in place, the glitching issue was sorted out (sadly, the 5.17 set of kernels didn’t do the trick).

I have been experiencing issues with images corrupting graphically, and also at the moment, with a monitor connected to HDMI expansion card. The top of the Framework laptops screen is often coming up with a few glitched lines of pixels. I will see if I can get pictures.

Please do get pictures, that will help. Also, this is Pop OS 22.04, fully updated to the current kernel, correct?

I was able to solve my graphics issue via a suggestion posted in Reddit. The suggested action was to insert a kernel parameter:

“options i915 enable_psr=0”

This resolved my issue and I haven’t come across the glitching since.

Delighted to hear this has been resolved for you with the psr=0 tweak.