[RESPONDED] Running into weird graphical errors

Hey all! recently I’ve been running into this weird lagging graphical glitch when working on my Framework. Up until now I’ve had very few issues with the laptop, but this one has really been starting to get out of hand. It is like my display is holding onto old images for minutes at a time and causes screens to overlap. If there is anything that someone knows how to fix please let me know.

I am running with the base 2022 i5 Framework with PopOS!

hi @heyItsDubbleA ,

welcome back to the community, does this happen on other desktop apps as well and not just the browser?

yeah, it is pretty universal. Even the login screen will leave a shadow. It seems to last for about 30s to a minute when it gets bad and then will periodically catch up.

Odd behaviour, I don’t think I noticed this when on Pop OS myself. How long does it take for it to occur after a cold boot? Is this with just the device screen, or do you have an external monitor connected at the time too?

Edit: also, might you have already implemented the following kernelstub at all? I did have some graphical issues on Pop, mainly the top of the screen would glitch fairly often but the following resolved that for me. Same happens on Fedora 38 so I’ve re-implemented the fixed (from the Fedora 37 post install guide)
sudo kernelstub “i915.enable_psr=0”
Then reboot.

Just added, I thought I added it already, but turns out I did it wrong.

will let it roll for a day to see.

also you missed and arg for the command

sudo kernelstub -a “i915.enable_psr=0”

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Also does pressing alt+ f2 have any effect?

Nope. Still causing problems. Is this Intel’s failure you think or something that can be resolved via software updates?

I can try to roll with my windows partition for a bit to see if that is any better.

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hi @heyItsDubbleA

yeah do try in windows and other linux OS like ubuntu and fedora via live usb, see if issue persist.


I didn’t even get into Windows. Went to the BIOS and found that I was still getting the residual images showing up. Pictures to follow

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@Loell_Framework poke :slight_smile:

I posted this topic a bit ago and found that I am having a really odd issue with image retention and screen issues. I am now wondering if it might be that my screen might be dying. I recently opened up the laptop and found that the cables connecting the screen seemed a little strained, but trying to ensure they were connected did not seem to alleviate the issue. There is no real physical damage to the screen that I can see.

Just wondering what other steps I might be able to take to ensure that I am looking at the right thing before I just blindly order a new screen.

edit: I will add that plugging into an external display seems fine.

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For the sake of continuity, please reply in the existing thread rather than opening a new one and linking if the issue seems related.

If you suspect hardware issues at all, please feel free to reach out to support for troubleshooting even if you are not within warranty, as they can still help you identify what needs to be replaced.

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Hi @heyItsDubbleA , this doesn’t seem to have been asked yet, but can you take actual screenshot using screenshot tool? see if graphical residuals are captured?

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This don’t look good… Not the same ghosting issue I have captured, but it is looking more and more like the screen is the issue.


Yeah Agree, this is most likely with the screen. And not with OS’ Display driver.

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It is odd… I keep seeing these issues until I reset the panel, then can go a few days without issue.

Reset panel, mean board reset?

Just closing the screen and opening again

I wonder if you’re comfortable checking the screen connections, akin to replacing the screen?

also does symptom coincide with temp increase perhaps? have you tried checking temperature?