[RESPONDED] screen glitching out randomly

hey guys, not sure where the best place to ask this is (tried discord, no reply lol), but i have a fw 12th gen i5 diy running manjaro kernel 6.1.26-1; sometimes my screen will randomly flash a weird rainbowey mess kinda like this (Startpage - Private Search Engine. No Tracking. No Search History.). It’s not reproducible, idk what triggers it. I was just wondering if anyone on here has heard about that before or has a hunch whether its hardware or software, and a potential fix. Thanks : )

It is software, if your screen works otherwise normally. Have you been running Manjaro on your FW from the beginning? How long has that been? Are you only recently seeing this issue? Most likely a kernel update is to blame, but I could be way off.

Just remember you are on an arch derived distro (Manjaro) and thus on the bleeding edge otherwise. Software glitches are all part of that ride.

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With manjaro it’s more like edge of the minefield these days XD

Yeah, I’ve been on manjaro since day 1. I don’t remember when i started seeing this. I think since the beginning, but im noticing it more now. I recently updated the kernel to try and fix this but to no avail. I’m willing to take the bullet if it is what it is, but it would be nice if there was a fix. Happy to hear there’s probably nothing wrong with my hardware (was worried I broke a ribbon cable when installing the ram or something lol)

otherwise very happy with manjaro (and the laptop!) : )

It’s the OS. I would test out one of the non-Community releases to see if the behavior continues. Manjaro is a rolling release, so it may have needed more time before the video driver was ready to go.

I recommend testing Fedora, see if it happens there as well.

I’m using KDE Plasma right now (not a community release) and enjoying it, I don’t feel like this glitch bugs me enough that it would warrant a switch. It’s nice to hear that its not a hardware issue though : ) I’ll keep updating and hopefully it’ll be fixed! should I make a bug report for Manjaro?

Also a display glitch on Manjaro here.

Sometimes (no idea what triggers it), the internal screen jumps to the right for about 1/4 screen width and (usually) immediately back to normal.

The machine is an 11th Gen i7-1165G7, v6.140.1. Running with an external primary hdmi to the left of the internal screen, if that’s important. Internal set to 1280x960.

[ And Manjaro a minefield… don’t know… since a recent update (April 1?) Plasma is crashing frequently, but a dialog/window with an restart button, and an automatic restart as well, make that less serious than it sounds. And I usually work in applications other than Plasma. Not enough to reconsider distro choice yet. ]

@max_dbir Startpage removes all seach data (good!), give us a link from another search engine, please.

its something like this


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