[RESPONDED] 13th gen - intermittent poor bluetooth performance

Hi there!

I’m running Fedora 38 kernel 6.2.9-300 on the intel 13th gen

I have noticed that the bluetooth on my laptop is extremely laggy with more than 1 device connected at a time sometimes. I have a bluetooth speaker and keyboard connected, and sometimes when the speaker is connected, my keyboard will suddenly ssssssstaaaart ttttttttyping like thiiiiiiiis, with extremely noticable hang. Headphones sometimes cause it too, but not as dramatically/often. Disconnecting the speaker fixes the issue. It also doesn’t happen consistently, either. IDK if the module is overheating after extended periods or what.

I just came from a 11th-gen Dell XPS on the same OS, where my laptop sits in the same spot as it did, and had 0 issues with this exact setup with no other changes, so I know it’s not a bluetooth or OS limitation at the very least (though obviously there are numerous other things involved).

In general the bluetooth on this seems fairly lackluster atm (I noticed a fairly short range, for example), and I’m hoping it’s just some settings.

Has anyone else had bluetooth issues?

Hi @Tim_Sawicki ,

would you be able to try and monitor it with btmon ?

also can you check for any oddness in dmesg when this happens?


As @Loell_Framework Loell suggested, running sudo btmon might lead us in the right direction.

Something that struck me on your Fedora 38 install is that your using a kernel that makes me wonder how long ago it has been since the system has been updated?

This is not a current kernel for Fedora 38 at all. I would consider updating to current and if you still have problems, something I’ve found helps.

There are regressions that can take place with some wifi/bluetooth chips that can cause oddness, but being current is a good starting of point.

Once updated to current, I’d keep two terminals open if this issue happens again:

One with journalctl -f open and other with bluetoothctl

Odds are solid you will see something copy/paste worthy from one of these. From there, we can dial in why this is happening.

Thanks for the help guys, sorry for the delay.

I think my computer failed to boot correctly and I accidentally chose an older firmware to use, oops! I have now been using the latest (Linux 6.4.6-200) for a bit…no change in functionality.

Seems like a range issue to me since moving my bluetooth keyboard closer stops the issue (though it doesn’t let me be more than a foot away without issues??). I’ll see if I can get a dump of the logs you requested, as I don’t know what to really look for.

Let get this into a ticket so we can gather logs and take a look at what might be going on.

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