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Darn it

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It must really depend on where you’re located. I’ve never had problems with FedEx. Actually on the contrary, I’ve almost consistently been jerked around by UPS. They like to charge a percentage of the product cost just to pay your customs fees for you. They once tried to charge me $30ish in customs fees on a $60ish item. Fortunately I was able to self clear the package for only $8 and then I showed them the receipt so they’d release my package.

think we need to start a Batch 2 guild?

There is one, just not as active

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Not saying it’s the same issue as this was for 11th/12th gen Intel Frameworks, but worth checking this thread.

What other companies make skins for Framework laptops?

While they do seem to offer more selection, it appears to be more expensive than Dbrand.


Thanks, life saver! band steering turned off and its sort of working, definitely still a bit buggy haha.

Good news for anyone interested, I’m testing the lid closing power save stuff.

Going to leave it with lid closed tonight (running Ubuntu) at 21% and see how much is left in the morning.

During the day lid closures have been power saving really well, only using usb c ports in the rear.


Charged in Germany :slight_smile:


Of course, my credit card company blocked the transaction because of security…

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Charged in France. Yipee ! :blush:

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Interesting, thanks for linking that post.

Batch 1 7840U mainboard kit. Still not charged. In the USA.

Has anyone’s mainboard kit been charged?

  • Mainboard kit charged
  • Mainboard kit not yet charged

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  • Mainboard kit shipped
  • Mainboard kit not yet shipped

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To me as a future owner this is really the most important point. Getting info on the performance of the unit before confirming my preorder means I have a much better idea about what I am buying, from independent sources. So those reviews need to come as early as possible. I never buy stuff at these price points without reading reviews I trust.

If that means I receive my unit a few days later due to the few dozen early review units not going into the retail channel, that’s absolutely worth it to me. Those few units are really nothing compared to the numbers they need to send out now, so once production is ramped up to full rate, the delay should be absolutely minimal.


also i’ve heard more negative complaints about slickwraps over the years.

Really happy with my framework so far, it looks great with the clear bezel and keyboard and it works with Fedora 39 and my thunderbolt dock! :smile:
My compliments on how easy it is to open and work on it, only 1 tool and a few screws with the same bit, good job Framework! :tada:


Which last mile carrier is used in Germany?

Got charged around 11 hours ago, and a shipping email just now.

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