[RESPONDED] AMD Batch 1 Guild

Is this ram compatible too ? Crucial 32GB Kit (2x16GB) DDR5-5600 SODIMM | CT2K16G56C46S5 | Crucial FR


I got this ages ago when we for whatever reason thought batch 1 was early q3 haha. I’m hoping it works because I’m well out of return window.

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I hope you all will revisit this list once the AMD launch frenzy subsides, because none of the third-party modules people have been discussing on this forum are on it (various Crucial, G.Skill, and Kingston ones — the main filter seems to be Amazon availability, which among the 5600MT/s modules you have included means only the strange non-power-of-two Mushkin).

Nevertheless, thank you so much for getting around to this among all the other things! I know you didn’t have to promise this testing, and it’s very nice to see you fulfilling that promise, before the ship date no less.


I bought that same ram as well thinking it would be the safest bet. I’m pretty sure it will work fine.

I am trying that, because I couldn’t resist. We’ll see how it turns out :smiley:

Edit: I am a bit surprised though. The help entry links to drm/amd: Disable S/G for APUs when 64GB or more host memory · torvalds/linux@08fffa7 · GitHub, but I would expect drm/amd/display: fix the white screen issue when >= 64GB DRAM (ef064187) · Commits · Alex Deucher / linux · GitLab to be the patch you would want to apply?

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I’ve tried nixos some years ago and it was really interesting. I didn’t get used to nix though. Maybe I should try again.

The awesome part is that you can manage packages and configuration using a single config file.

This is the way. Before moving 100% to my new machine I’ll also probably poke around with a few distros first.

Oh yeah! Welcome to linux! You’ll probably learn a lot!
Happy hacking!


Yeah that is the dream. Configure it ones, push it to my GitHub andt then just run one command anytime I reinstall nixos to have system just how I like it


Anyone else checking their inbox a little more than usual for a “payment confirmation” email? :wink:


Everyone with AMD preorders:


I use UBlue as a daily driver at work. No complaints, and the reliability compared to mutable OSes has been great. Plan is to put it on this machine too, but I’m batch 6 so got a bit to wait yet.


I’m considering between Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint for mine tbh. Haven’t done much Linux before, certainly not daily driving, but in the bit I did before on Mint it ended up going pretty well

You’ll want to watch this page when the 7040 models drop. Framework | Linux Compatibility on the Framework Laptop Keep in mind that this is brand new silicon in the machine so you’ll need the newest possible drivers to make it all work well. Ubuntu, and especially Fedora tend to have very up to date kernels, and Framework specifically recommends these distros. Debian and Mint on the other hand tend to use older versions of software that has mostly calmed down to security patches. This can be great for older computers, but it might not even work on bleeding edge hardware. Something to keep in mind if you are new to Linux.


i’m feeling good about this week guys :eyes:

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I don’t think so. Im batch 1 too but I’m still not charged, no one reporting having a shipped status, no mail from Framework either. Expectations were before Q4, now it has past so… something’s telling me that something went wrong on the production lines… I wish I’m wrong. Framework is small company after all.

Anyway I don’t care anymore since my daughter is coming to the world any minutes now, so no time for a new toy. Family first :heart:
Anxieties/impatience are gonna be for more serious matters now …


@Aurelien_D I’m still feeling good about this week :wink:
congrats on your daughter! enjoy it man :slight_smile:

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Congratulations!!! :tada::tada::tada:

I hope someone gets it and test the memories we are interested in. :smiley:


A question about using Silverblue - it seems very tempting but would it prevent us from being able to access Framework Support? I know it’s the same kernel etc as the supported OS but presumably the experience is different enough that it might invalidate support.

From what they’ve said in the past, depending on the issue, they may ask you to test a supported OS version on a live USB or something like that to see if the issue persists. This will help with troubleshooting and verifying if it’s a hardware issue or an OS issue. Beyond that, you may get some “unofficial” help, even from Framework employees here on the forum in attempting to solve issues with unofficial Linux versions.

You certainly won’t be totally hung out to dry, but they may not be able to help with all issues since you are using an OS that they simply haven’t had time to text extensively.

Thank you for this reply! If it is OK to use a live USB for support issues then I think Silverblue might be the best option for me!