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I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion just yet, but congratulations on your new baby!

I requested to have some of expansion cards removed and it took them 33 hours to respond. My guess is that the (roughly) six month delay between pre-order and fulfillment has led to a high amount of order change/cancellation requests. Procrastination is common and paying $100 to reserve something is very different from paying $1000 (especially when you know the down payment is refundable).

I believe it’s been mentioned that they only have one person covering these requests right now, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they needed until tomorrow to get through all pending requests. Afterall, the three day grace period would have only elapsed on Friday around 12-1pm.

If they were able to pull someone to help process the requests and/or the customer service people worked through the weekend, maybe we’ll see charges today. Otherwise, I would not expect them until tomorrow.

They would also want to make sure they had support available for rectifying billing issues, so that could be another reason (absent a backlog issue) for not charging on Friday.

But remember, the longer they delay processing payments, the more likely it becomes that that will have to deal with more change requests and cancellations (even with a well defined grace period).

We should see some charges within the next 48 hours. Any longer than that, and there may very well be some kind of internal issue. I still wouldn’t lean on production being the culprit, given all that has been communicated thus far. I don’t think they would’ve given the green light unless they were reasonably certain they were ready to.

Hopefully at least some of the Day 1 orders will go out this week or early next; however, as it has been stated, order complexity and parts availability may mean that some orders may be fulfilled after others that were placed later.


I’d assume that there probably is nothing wrong. Based on the email FW sent on the 26th, they said there would be a grace period, but that we are only in batch preparation, and that units won’t ship until 1-3 weeks from the email date.

If they plan to ship within 1-3 weeks, and charge withing 1-3 days of shipping, that means there could be 1-3 weeks between the charge, so I wouldn’t get too worried about the charge timeline. We clearly broke through the Q3 goal, and the procrastinated/last minute order changes are real, so if there’s one thing I know for sure, its that framework will need some more time to actually make the order modifications prior to charging and shipping. This isn’t an issue in production, but rather the way it was designed so that these functional changes can occur and the community can be appropriately supported from order, to purchase, to receipt, and ownership. This is one of FW’s primary ecommerce/retail goals and their support has been phenomenal.


That’s interesting; I forgot about that timeline they shared. Thanks for the reminder.

It makes sense. Just seems a bit mad, and I bet it causes no small amount of stress for those who are financially responsible for the company.

For their sake and ours, I am still hopeful that some people get billed this week :wink:


It’s happening!!! [Announcement] Linux on your Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series)


what do you guys reckon the odds are that batch 1ers start seeing their laptops before the 17th?

Will the new AMD version still be the right size for the standard 13-inch Framework dbrand skin? I’m planning to order mine so they arrive around the same time, considering that the dbrand skin will have a longer delivery time compared to the laptop in my region.

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All framework laptop 13 have the same chassis, so yes. The only thing that’s different is the mainboard and the WiFi card


And the battery and screen on select models. That said, they still have the same chassis.


Silverblue is still Fedora. Same versions, same drivers, same code base. I guess maybe rpm-ostree might add some variance, but I doubt it. Should be fine.

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14 hour battery life apparently :drooling_face:


Sadly a really lacking article! I’m looking forwards to a better one :slight_smile:


I’d take this with a huge grain of salt, most of this article looks like it came straight out of chargpt, valid text but pretty nonsense content.


Since they started “packing out” assembled units last week, and the date you mentioned falls squarely within the “one to three week” window… I’d say there’s decent odds :wink:

Edit: Here’s another review link:

Edit 2:
Scores were basically a tie, with a slight edge in performance for Intel in CPU scores and a faster encode time for AMD.


Framework Laptop 13: AMD-Version mit Ryzen 7040U geht an den Start | heise online German article that says 11.6h of battery life instead of 11 on Intel with just the screen on. Video playback is up to 6.9h from 5.8.

So the gist of the updated e-mail, it’s so new, AMD’s latest firmware caused a linux kernel driver regression that causes system hangs. Use F39 Beta and Ubuntu 22.04.3 + guide to get the best results. Firmware updates will be frequent and because of how new it is, they are providing an extended return period.

I’m ready anyway. Let’s go!

From latest email update:

Getting ready for your Batch 1 Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series)

We’re starting the first shipments of Batch 1 Framework Laptop 13 (Ryzen 7040 Series) systems and Mainboards shortly. We’re so excited to see what you think of yours. Because this is the first set of AMD-based systems we’ve ever shipped and software and firmware has come in a lot hotter than on previous launches, we anticipate launching at least one and possibly more BIOS and driver updates over the next month. To make sure you get the opportunity to really put your laptop through the paces, we’re going to extend the return window for you to 45 days.


Hahaha. We are waiting for 12th gen FIRST bios update for more than 12 monthes !
We wait so long, they closed the topic :smiley:
And this was not supposed to be a trouble some update (11th gen intel then 12th gen), with AMD it looks like there are lots of software problems at launch. Lets say 24 monthes to get an update in my book :smiley:
I hate doing bios update outside the warranty period, just in case It bricks
Let s see :wink:
Anyhow, I appreciat the work they do, hope they can go through those hard work times…

Tensions ran a little high so they temporarily closed it, not because of how long it has been taking. As a current 12th gen owner upgrading to the Ryzen 7 board, I’m sure it was a really difficult choice for them on what to prioritize. I think it’s good that they’ve put additional resources behind the AMD launch to ensure a smooth launch and to iron out kinks that will eventually crop up. This will also help improve the Framework 16’s launch later on. Does it suck that 12th gen support is a little lacking? Yes but is it important that a first gen AMD Framework product gets necessary support? Also yes. Eventually, when the launches are well on their way do I think 12th gen will get its update.


Looks like one of the first reviews of the amd 13 is out. https://youtu.be/k6aDBetYP5c?si=cmAUSfy1H40k9rKM

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Updating the BIOS doesn’t just fix issues usually, it also generally fixes security issues. We update the BIOS of our Lenovo laptops at work all the time and the worst issue we’ve had is a weird driver issue after the fact with AMD graphics which was easily fixed by reinstalling said drivers.

Usually the only way you brick a device with a BIOS update is if you kill the power to the machine in the middle of the update. Which for a laptop is pretty unlikely unless you press and hold the power button.

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