[RESPONDED] Anyone had success running a more recent Ubuntu than 22.04 on the 7840U?


I’m about to get my Framework 13 Ryzen 7 7840U delivered. I’ve read some of the guides talking about installation of Ubuntu 22.04, but I was wondering if anyone has had any success running any of the more recent Ubuntu releases (23.x)? Any gotchas?

Welcome to the community. Ideally we want folks running 22.04.4 using the prescribed kernel provided by our guide. This guide covers key factors not provided by a default 23.10 install. That said, yes, you can use a newer release. But it is not tested and your mileage may vary. Besides that, Ubuntu only supports 23.10 until July anyway. Not really a great option.

Here in a few months, we’re going to be supporting 24.04 LTS.


I can live with a wait of a few months :slight_smile: 22.04 it is then.

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Hi @Ben5,

The Linux kernel is the bit one needs to get right for compatibility with any particular hardware. So, the kernel that comes with 22.04 and 23.x should both, in theory, work if the 22.04 one worked. You can also compile your own kernel if you need a particular patch applied. If you wanted to, you could use the kernel from 22.04 with 23.x and it would work just fine.
I say “in theory” because FW have only tested the kernel with 22.04 and have not tested the 23.x kernel.
Also note, that the general software in 22.04 is more stable than the 23.x software. For example, I use 23.x on an other (waiting on a FW16) laptop and it crashes from time to time with segfaults/bugs in gnome-shell etc. so the 22.04 experience might be better if stability is what you need.
There have been some reports of graphics corruptions that disabling scatter/gather (sg) helps. This is a bug in the Linux kernel/gpu firmware, that will be fixed in the future, so in those cases, a newer kernel could benefit you.
As is mentioned, using 22.04 LTS now, and waiting for 24.04 LTS is probably a good recommendation.

Here I’m running on 23.10 quite fine on the 7640u. I’m doing this because I moved the SSD from my previous laptop and I already had 23.10 installed. Most problems I had were solved applying amdgpu.sg_display=0 as mentioned above. Still I took a look at the Ubuntu 22.04.4 guide linked above and adapted what was possible.

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22.04 with the OEM kernel ran horribly on mine. 23.10 ran slightly better, but still tons of issues.

I’m have a lot of luck with 24.04 LTS Alpha with 6.8 kernel RC. Smooth as butter, all my issues seem to have melted away EXCEPT for sleep/suspend; from which is never does recover. Still lightyears ahead of 22.04 and 23.10 in my experience, but it seems my unit has more issues than most people have experience by quite a margin.

I’ve seen the same problem with suspend, where resuming somehow freezes the whole machine, with the Ubuntu 24.04 6.8 kernel.
Using the older 6.6 kernel that 24.04 used before seems to fix this problem.

Also I think that it didn’t happen on every suspend/resume cycle, but only if it was suspended for a certain time?

I hope that this is fixed with the proper kernel 6.8.0 release and that I don’t have to debug this myself, as that seems like a PITA in general, but even more so because the issue doesn’t always happen…

just found this thread: [RESOLVED] Kernel 6.8-rc: System freezes after resuming from suspend, reproducers wanted - #8 by jpoiret
sounds like it should be fixed in 6.8-rc6 and newer

FTR I ended up installing Ubuntu 22.04 with the OEM kernel (linux-oem-22.04d,, and it’s running fine for me. I followed the Allocate Additional RAM to iGPU Framework Laptop 13 AMD Ryzen 7040 Series instructions and haven’t seen any graphical artifacts.

I got tired of dealing with the issues I was having with ubuntu and installed Arch and knock on wood, no issues whatsoever. Only main difference I can gather is that I haven’t re-enabled secure boot yet (and the amd microcode updates through arch). No idea why my ubuntu installs kept having issues.

  • Sleep works consistently
  • VLC now uses very little cpu resources, used to be extremely high, especially w/ external display set @ 4k@120. A/V is still slightly out of sync, but not as bad as before. Has been a persistent issue except briefly with ubuntu 23.10 and oem kernel, mostly fixed by increasing file caching to 10000ms in VLC advanced settings for inputs/codecs; and finally synced by adding .050s delay in the audio track synchronization setting

Running KDE Neon - Ubuntu 22.04.x with Plasma 6 - running on my FW16 and on my daughters FW13 without a problem.
The latest stable kernels (6.5.0-25-generic) are already provided by KDE Neon so you won’t have to fiddle around with that.

PS: Plasma 6 looks gorgeous :slight_smile: