[RESPONDED] Ubuntu 23.10 linux-oem-22.04 not needed?

Greetings All,

I’m new to Framework. I purchased the AMD Ryzen Framework laptop 13, updated the BIOS, and installed Ubuntu 23.10 from the ISO following the standard procedure.

I did not install linux-oem-22.04 as the guide suggests. Everything works fine. Is the oem kernel not necessary on 23.10 or should I expect something to malfunction?

I really love this thing, i’m a Framework convert.

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Hi @Ronnie_Record,

Welcome to Framework’s Community :slight_smile:

It’s Generally fine if you find Ubuntu 23.10 to be running great on your AMD Ryzen 13,
Ubuntu 22.04 however is just extensively tested and that we are finding it running rock solid with AMD Ryzen 13. But stability on later Ubuntu versions improves over time, So yeah it should be ok.

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@Loell_Framework thanks for the prompt response. I’m using Ubuntu 23.10 because I need to test the open source packages I distribute on all releases of Ubuntu. Moving to 22.04 is not an option. But everything seems ok thus far (aside from the fact that several modifications to my projects are necessary for 23.10 support - wth, you cannot even do python3 -m pip install <pkg> anymore). I’m just trying to get a jump on issues that will arise when people move to 23.04 and greater.

Are there any features a Framework 13 laptop may be missing when running without the linux-oem kernel?

Other distros e.g. Fedora also don’t require linux-oem-22.04, if they track more closely with the Linux kernel upstream than Ubuntu LTS does. If my quick googling is accurate, Ubuntu 22.04 ships with kernel 5.15, but 23.10 ships with kernel 6.5. I’m using regular Linux kernel 6.6.9 (not FW’s OEM kernel) on Fedora 39 right now, and it runs great.

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