[RESPONDED] Kubuntu on Framework laptop

Hi! I’m thinking about buying a Framework 13 Intel laptop, but i wanted to know if my favourite linux distro will run on it. Has anybody tested kubuntu on the laptop, with all the fixes installed? If yes, can you please tell me how you installed them and how the os is running? Thx!

We’d recommend the LTS as 23.04 (GNOME at least) is rough around the edges. Kubuntu 22.04 should be fine. Make sure to update everything after installing.

I’m in process of updating the Ubuntu 22.04 guide to reflect some specific changes, but it will be updated today to reflect the .3 changes to 22.04.3

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Hi @Marco_Vanoni , you may test Live kubuntu first for awhile, and see if there’s anything odd, but generally should just okay provided you have updated to latest package. cheers!

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So I can follow the Ubuntu guide and not have a lot of problems?

Hi @Marco_Vanoni, we provide officially tested and vetted support for Ubuntu 22.04.3 and Fedora 38. This will then evolve into the next Ubuntu LTS going forward and Fedora 39.

We do not test KDE desktops at all, however, we have countless folks who use it. So what this means is if you run into an issue, you’d posted to the forum here and we’d provide best effort support. If we are unable to help within a KDE environment or need to see if there is a larger issue had, we’d ask you to test with a Live ISO of Ubuntu 22.04. And if an issue went into a support ticket, all instructions would request testing on Ubuntu 22.04 as it is a verified distro release/desktop.

Will Kubuntu works well on Framework (or most laptops for that matter), ideally, yes, baring any Plasma/KDE issues that can crop up. You’d install Kubuntu 22.04, follow the guide for Ubuntu 22.04.3 and make sure that step 9 is followed to the letter - I see so many tickets where folks install Ubuntu and call it good. Getting that OEM kernel setup exactly as described matters. :slight_smile:

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Kubuntu 23.10 on the Ryzen 7 runs fine, BIOS 3.03 beta.

This is a 6.5.x kernel, with amdgpu.sg_display=0 added to /etc/default/grub to stop the flashes of white screen

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This is correct for those experiencing this.